The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 18 Platform – Usability Enhancements

FileMaker 18 Platform has launched with a range of new features that will undoubtedly make developing new custom apps both quicker and more powerful.  One area of focus for these new features is ‘Improved usability’ and includes new features as follows:-

  • Ability to move objects with Shift-Arrow keys – Using the Shift-Arrow keys in Layout mode now moves objects in increments 10 times larger than when using the Arrow keys.

  • Ability to Read and write external data files – Create scripts that read, write, and manage external data files—for example, to write log files or export data in a custom file format. This is covered by a range of new file related script steps.

  • Open files with a version-specific URL – You can now use the fmp18 scheme in URLs to open files specifically with FileMaker Pro 18 Advanced or FileMaker Go 18.  The FMP URL protocol has existed for many versions now, but Windows users will be familiar with their OS perhaps defaulting to an older installed version of FileMaker for opening apps - adding this new version specific FMP URL gets around this problem quite neatly.

  • Open a custom app upon start – You can now use the personalisation file during a command-line installation to specify a custom app to open when FileMaker Pro Advanced starts.

  • Save files as XML – You can now save a FileMaker Pro Advanced file in an XML format that represents the schema, layouts, scripts, and other parts of the file. You can use the XML file to document changes in your custom app between versions and use standard text-based tools to compare versions.

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