The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 18 Platform – Improved Imports

With the release of FileMaker 18, we’re sure that both newbies to the platform and FileMaker veterans alike will be only to pleased, to see that finally some much needed attention has been given to the file > Import dialog box which has existed without change since circa. 1986.  The dialog box has been given a massive interface revamp with a much more user friendly interface and flexible options. 

With the new Import Field Mapping dialog box, you can:

  • Choose target fields from a list that you can search - not more endless dragging match fields with large database tables.

  • Choose any record in the source file to use as field names for certain import file types.

  • For each target field, choose whether to perform auto-enter options while importing (previously this was an all or nothing option for the entire import).

  • Import data that uses a custom character to separate field values.

  • More conversion options – When converting certain supported file types, you can now specify a custom character that separates field values, choose any record to use as field names, choose which fields to include, and specify a target table name.

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FileMaker 18 Improved Import Dialog