The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 18 Platform – Security Enhancements

FileMaker 18 has launched with a range of new features that will undoubtedly make developing new custom apps both quicker and more powerful. As we would expect, given the modern focus on security and data privacy this has been significiantly . With the new Manage Security dialog box, you can:

  •  Work with an account access list filtered by account type, assign privilege sets to users and groups directly in the list, and perform other common tasks in the details pane without leaving the list.

  • Manage privilege sets, extended privileges, and file access in the Advanced Security Settings dialog box.

  • See whether the selected authentication type is supported on the file's current host.

  • Privilege to manage accounts that don't have full access – You can now grant users the limited ability to create and delete access to a file and assign existing privilege sets without allowing them to modify groups or users that have the Full Access privilege set or create or edit privilege sets. See Editing other privileges.

New to FileMaker 18 Platform:

  • Unsigned plug-in notification – FileMaker Pro Advanced notifies you when a plug-in has not been digitally signed by its developer.

  • Full access required by default to reference a file – The option to require the Full Access privilege set to use references to a file is now enabled by default in newly created files. The option is unchanged in existing files.

  • New functions for digitally signing data have been added to allow you to digitally sign data and verify signatures of signed data with cryptographic keys.

Need some assistance to take advantage of these new security features of the FileMaker 18 Platform or review the current security arrangements in your existing app?  Call our team to find out more about the benefits from upgrading for a free, no obligation quotation.