The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 17 – GetSensor()

One of the major benefits of the iOS platform is the huge number of built-in sensors for things such as motion tracking and GPS, etc.

FileMaker Go 17 now supports the pulling data from these sensors with the new GetSensor() function.  Simply use GetSensor(parameter).  Helpfully calling GetSensor (“available”), will pull back a list of all of the types of sensor available on the device.  Here is a quick summary of the core ones:

·      Air Pressure (“airPressure”)

·      Step Counts (“stepCount”, “stepFloorsUp”, “stepDistance”)

·      Magnetic (“magneticField”,”compassMagneticHeading”,”compassTrueHeading”)

·      Altitude/Speed/Acceleration (“attitude”,”rotationRate”, “accelerationByUser”, “accelerationByGravity”,”speed”, “heading”)

·      Location (“location”, “locationValues”) and Battery (“batteryLevel”,”batteryStatus”)

How is this useful?  There are likely to be lots of niche cases where this function is critical, to illustrate some simple examples:

·      If you had a custom FM Go App for measuring patient health then you could ask patients to use the App to submit their Step Count data alongside other qualitative questionnaires about their exercise regime.

·      It you had a custom FM Go App which had an especially performance intensive script which could take some time to run and might adversely effect battery life then you might want to warn the user if they are running low on battery and recommend that they wait until they are plugged in.

·      It you had a custom FM Go App used in the field by scientists then you could measure and record magnetic and air pressure without requiring additional information.

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