The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 15: comparison with previous versions

FileMaker 15 launched with a plethora of new features that streamline developing new solutions, but what are the benefits of upgrading if you are currently using an older version of FileMaker?  Below we highlight when some of the key differences in features were introduced between FileMaker v12, v13, v14 and now v15 releases. 

Using a version of FileMaker older than v12?  Call our team to find out more about the benefits from upgrading that you have been missing out on!

Feature & Benefits FileMaker 
New layout & design tools No No Yes Yes
New Script Workspace No No Yes Enhanced
Enhanced Security
Support for 256-bit AES encryption
No No Yes Yes
Enhanced Security
Support for iOS Touch ID
No No No Yes
Breakthrough web technology for data access anywhere.
No Yes Yes Enhanced
Custom Themes
Customise existing themes, then save and reuse them across multiple layouts.
No Yes Enhanced Enhanced
Build for iPad & iPhone
Additional support for native iOS behaviours.
No Yes Enhanced Enhanced
FM Cloud
Access solutions hosted on FM Cloud
No No No Yes