The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 18 Platform – New Data File Support

One of the most significant enhancements in the FileMaker 18 Platform is the array of new script steps related to external data files. These include ‘Create Data File’, ‘Open Data File’, ‘Write to Data File’, ‘Read from Data File’ and ‘Close Data File’. This ability to read and write to external data files is great new addition to an already strong FileMaker platform, and one for which we envisage a number of useful applications: in FileMaker 17 and earlier has always been possible to export database data to files in tab separated values, comma separated values, DBF, Merge, HTML table, XML and Excel formats. ‘Live’ database data can be queried via Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) and also https/JSON with the new FileMaker Data API.

So how is this different from the existing features and why is it needed . . .

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The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 18 Platform – Improved Imports

With the release of FileMaker 18, we’re sure that both newbies to the platform and FileMaker veterans alike will be only to pleased, to see that finally some much needed attention has been given to the file > Import dialog box which has existed without change since circa. 1986.  The dialog box has been given a massive interface revamp with a much more user friendly interface and flexible options . . .

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The benefits of upgrading to FileMaker 18 Platform – comparison with previous versions

FileMaker 18 has launched with a range of new features that will undoubtedly make developing new custom apps both quicker and more powerful, but what are the benefits of upgrading if you are currently using an older version of the FileMaker platform?  Below we highlight when some of the key differences in features were introduced between FileMaker v15, v16, v17 and now v18 releases . . . .

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