New Website, New Logo and Kurt Cobain

Welcome to our new look website which marks a more focussed approach for our business. I am really pleased with the new look - but strangely, it makes me think of the photo of Kurt Cobain which hangs in my study. As coincidence would have it is 21 years this week since Kurt’s death - I remember it vividly ...

It was 1994 and four weeks before Nirvana were due to play in London. I was the VERY excited owner of four tickets for the gig and was driving to see a client when Kurt's death was announced on the radio. My heart sank - I nearly crashed the car.

I would never get to see Nirvana and was left with four seemingly worthless tickets. I decided to decline the refund, I could not bear to be parted with my only remaining keepsake of the band.

At the time the business was three years old and was called 'MacTherapy' (we were focussed on businesses which used Macs). A few years later when we realised we were really very focussed on people's data we decided to change our name to 'DataTherapy', it was our first major transition.

Our biggest client was an advertising agency who worked magic with branding for massive tech companies such as Oracle and Compaq and one of the partners in the business, the amazing Graham Dodridge, offered to personally develop a new look, feel and logo in exchange for two of my unused Nirvana tickets. I thought long and hard about it, a full rebrand from a master designer in exchange for two of my prized tickets. I took a deep breath and accepted the deal.

The DataTherapy brand was duly born and although I was ecstatic with the work, when it came time to hand over the tickets Graham felt a little sheepish at depriving me of the tickets and offered to have my own two tickets framed as part compensation. A few weeks later I was shocked to receive back my tickets framed with superb hand-prepared print of Kurt Kobain signed by the Band's photographer (who was a pal of Graham's). I was VERY happy - a fantastic rebrand, a collectable photo of Kurt and a nice frame all for £27. 

The brand, Kurt and the framed photo all stood the test of time and now some 16 years later it is time to say goodbye to the old logo and brand and hello to the new one.

As I said earlier, I am very pleased with our new look. It's clean, it's fresh and I love it - but it still makes me think of Kurt Cobain. Long may that be the case.

   My enduring memory of Kurt Cobain - £27 well spent!


My enduring memory of Kurt Cobain - £27 well spent!