FileMaker 18 now available

FileMaker 18 platform is now available with a range of powerful new features that will benefit new users and professional developers:

FileMaker Pro Advanced:

  • New user interface for importing data.

  • Open specific app at launch.

  • File version comparison.

  • File-based script steps.

  • Script Error Logging.

  • SetRecursion calculation function.

  • New managed security access.

  • Plug-in security enhancements.

  • Default file access protection.

FileMaker Go:

  • Open specific app at launch.

  • Append to existing PDF.

  • OAuth 2.0 support for accounts in iOS App SDK.

  • Enhanced barcode support.

FileMaker Server:

  • Startup restoration.

  • FileMaker Data API enhancements.

  • FileMaker Admin API standardization.

  • FileMaker Server Admin Console enhancements.

  • Server monitoring enhancements.

Using an older version of FileMaker?  Call our team to find out more about the benefits from upgrading that you have been missing out on!