Case Study: C21 Media


C21Media ( is Home to The International Entertainment Community.  They are an international publishing company and digital channels business.


C21Media offer a broad scope of services for their clients from advertising on web, mobile/iPad and print; corporate sponsorships, awards and events.  Recognising that the growth in their business needed better media sales tracking tools they approached DataTherapy to convert their prototype proof of concepts into a new bespoke solution.


DataTherapy used the FileMaker Platform to build a new custom cloud application for C21Media to use to manage their media sales.  The solution encapsulates:

·      Client profiles/booking history.

·      Set-up of service offerings (web/mobile/print/sponsorships).

·      Media sales order management (campaign durations, any ‘bundle’ deals), validation processes to prevent overbooking and projected invoicing/revenues.

·      Multi-currency support for bookings.

·      Order confirmation printouts/PDFs for client reference.

·      Graphical week planner/scheduler view.

“DataTherapy were able to translate our ideas and designs to go beyond what we imagined possible. Our tailor made solution provides our sales team with extra hours in the day, simplifying our processes and creating a user friendly interface accessible from any location. Our invoicing processes have been streamlined and the production team are able to track and chase media sales bookings with ease. All of which has resulted in a much more effective workplace.

Lucy Scott, Operations Director, C21Media


·      Provides one centralised schedule of activity across the entire business which can be quickly shared across the media sales team.

·      Ability to proportionally timeframe expected campaign invoices/revenues for reporting purposes.

·      Quick reporting of projected revenues by sales person and by period at a glance.


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