FileMaker 17 now available

FileMaker 17 platform is now available with a range of powerful new features that will benefit new users and professional developers:


FileMaker Pro Advanced

·      Starter apps and Add-on Tables

·      Master-detail layouts

·      Group object selection

·      Redesigned Layout mode

·      Default fields

·      Scripting enhancements

·      My Apps window

·      Multiple email attachments

·      Copy and paste custom menus


FileMaker Go

·      Sensor support

·      Configure Local Notification

·      Auto-complete

·      Keyboard shortcuts

·      Drag and drop

·      Improved iOS App SDK


FileMaker Server

·      Full support for REST-base FileMaker Data API.

·      New FileMaker Admin Console Interface – redesigned to be simpler & more responsive.

·      New FileMaker Admin API.


Data Migration

·      High performance command line interface data migration tool.


Using an older version of FileMaker?  Call our team to find out more about the benefits from upgrading that you have been missing out on!