Lead Forensics integration service now available for FileMaker 16

DataTherapy are pleased to announce the immediate availability of their Lead Forensics integration service for FileMaker 16.

Lead Forensics provides an invaluable tool to accelerate lead generation, identify sales leads and accelerate marketing ROI.  For more details on their service see https://www.leadforensics.com/

As customers and partners of both Lead Forensics and FileMaker, DataTherapy have made extensive use of the new cURL and JSON features of FileMaker 16 to provide reporting and insights from data pulled using the Lead Forensics API.

Our bespoke consulting and development team are now offering this toolkit for integration to FileMaker customers so that Lead Forensics data can now be combined seamlessly with their existing FileMaker based marketing, sales and CRM data to provide a consolidated view of business performance.

DataTherapy’s current FileMaker integration toolkit currently provides:

  • The automated import of the following information via the Lead Forensics API (includes data on website page visits, business profiles, and visitor history with the facility to split by domain/business unit).
  • Ability to browse, search, export and report on the above data using FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go or FileMaker WebDirect.
  • Potential to integrate the above data into an existing FileMaker solution to report on whole business life cycle performance.

If you are an existing Lead Forensics or FileMaker customer then contact our team in order to arrange a demonstration and quotation today.


lead forensics.PNG