FileMaker 16 now available

FileMaker 16 is now available with an array of powerful new features that will benefit end-users and professional developers:


  • Interface animations and transitions.
  • Enhanced signature capture for iPhone & iPad.
  • Region monitoring with iBeacon technology.
  • Customer paper size printing on iOS.


  • Layout Objects window with filtering.
  • Card interface overlays.
  • PDF Support in WebDirect & FileMaker Server.
  • New FileMaker interface optimised for Windows OS.
  • Copy & paste value lists between solutions.
  • Variables in FileMaker data sources.
  • Enhanced Data Viewer for live calculation results previewing.


  • Enhanced cURL options for http/https calls.
  • Native support for JSON functions.


  • OAuth 2.0 support added via FileMaker Server (Amazon, Google & Azure)
  • Clickable security lock icons to quickly verify SSL certificates

Scalability & Performance

  • FileMaker WebDirect now supports up to 500 simultaneous users.

FileMaker Data API Trial

  • Trial support for integration with popular web services using REST-based FileMaker API for FileMaker Server.
  • Support for Tableau Desktop.

Using an older version of FileMaker ?  Call our team to find out more about the benefits from upgrading that you have been missing out on!