The Road to FileMaker DevCon 2016

This month, I’m really excited to be part of the DataTherapy team that will be attending the FileMaker Developer Conference 2016 (@ The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, Nevada)


It can be a substantial investment in terms of time and money to attend – especially if you are flying in from Europe and more so if you are based in the UK given the recent effect on Brexit on the GBP to USD exchange rate!  So why is it that DataTherapy commit to sending team members every year?  In short, we think as active members of the FileMaker Business Alliance we feel it is pretty essential learning experience for anyone whom works with the FileMaker platform day to day and here is why:


1) A peek into the future of the FileMaker Platform

You get the chance for direct face to face contact with FileMaker’s technical team.  There are usually in-depth discussions on the planned roadmap and technology previews of future versions of the platform. This is gives you a glimpse of what opportunities your business might look like a year from now when newer FileMaker releases finally drop.  You wouldn’t have expected the FileMaker Go release back in 2010 or WebDirect in 2013, and the opportunities which these features have unlocked for FileMaker developers, but if you had been to the DevCon events the year prior to these releases then you would have had the inside heads up of where the platform was headed, putting you in pole position to capitalise when these technologies were finally shipped.


2) Great technical talks regardless of your level and area of expertise

Regardless of whether your role is focused on database backend, front-end/UX, web, or mobile, there will be a relevant conference session for you.  Still haven’t got around to doing your FileMaker Certification?  There is a session for that too.


3) It isn’t just for techies – there are great business discussions too!

For me, some of the most interesting sessions at DevCon focus on business principles and practices rather than purely technical discussions.  Never underestimate the value in getting new perspectives on all of the non-technical challenges of building a business around consultancy and bespoke Apps – getting new ideas on how to communicate with your clients, design, plan and execute within your team can often have a greater and more lasting impact on your business than purely technical innovation.