Case Study: Arnold Da Silva - Logistics Processing


Founded in 2003, Arnold Da Silva is a company with a dedicated purpose – processing vital immigration papers in pressing timescales. Operating in the field of immigration administration, managing director Jeremy Arnold has grown a business from the ground-up that specialises in the complicated and highly time sensitive movement of client documents through the UK Border Agency.


In the highly visible and constantly changing world of immigration, organisation is everything. Papers and documents need to be processed on time, or people’s entire lives can grind to a halt while the right visas and applications make their way through the various embassies and official bodies who authorise movement in and out of the UK.

That process requires a large number of sensitive documents, such as passports, marriage and birth certificates (one application might cover ten or more family members with associated original documents and fees). ADS manages the journey of those documents through the UK Border Agency (UKBA) sites in Sheffield and Croydon, ensuring that once applications have been completed, all documents are returned safely with relevant papers back to the client. With hundreds of applications submitted on a regular basis however, the efficient management of that process is an information intensive task.


ADS approached DataTherapy to build a bespoke system for handling their immigration logistics. The system is provided as a hosted FileMaker private cloud solution.

Core features of the system include:

  • Mobile access from iPhone/iPad
  • Automatic e-mail triggers for status updates
  • Quick views for performance monitoring of outstanding or extended cases
  • Cost tracking and invoicing.

More details can be found on the FileMaker website:

'It's been a totally amazing experience.  Quick to develop, easy to use, and it does exactly what it's supposed to.'

Jeremy Arnold, Managing Director, Arnold Da Silva


  • Passport to growth – ADS has grown dramatically in size. Thousands of applications are now being processed each year, improving information flows with lawyers and applicants.
  • Real-time monitoring - Jeremy is now able to monitor the progress on jobs from base, while his team update on the move at immigration centres.
  • Automatic updates – scripts with Jeremy’s FileMaker database mean that when an update is entered into FileMaker Go, (such as status change to 'successful') an email is automatically sent to his clients to keep them posted on progress - providing reassurance to clients and less time spent on responding to enquiries.
  • An enabler for better business – by helping Jeremy to react to the impact of regular changes on his logistics, his team has been freed up to do more and respond more easily to frequent requests for a fast turnaround on an application. Importantly it's helped Jeremy to focus on what really matters; planning and developing his company.


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