Our Consultative Approach and Platforms

Our business is set up to solve your problems. Everything about us, from the platforms we develop and our approach to consulting is geared towards this basic principal. Some of or clients include:

Our 2 key platforms; FileMaker and Platopus - both of which can be designed for access using desktop, web and mobile devices.

Platopus Platform

We build robust business systems for the web and mobile devices using Platopus, our cloud-based software platform.

It's ideal for building enterprise grade online business systems and software which can be used by thousands of users with companion apps. Platopus is exceptionally stable and highly suited to businesses who have large groups of users and customers who may be located all over a City or all over the world. We specialise in 2 products - Platopus Retail and Platopus Delivery. 


FileMaker Platform

We use FileMaker Platform for customers who need solutions for small workgroups and our own platform. The platform is ideal for SMEs looking to deploy workgroup scale systems on premises or cloud-based data management systems. It is highly suitable for organisations that want the freedom of a system that can be amended either in-house or in partnership with professional developers.