FileMaker is a simple platform to get started with, but to take full advantage of its power can take a significant investment in time and effort. 

DataTherapy Consulting can help your team get up to speed quickly by offering tailored training guides for an existing system or through one to one/small group mentoring for business professionals looking to get started with FileMaker Pro:

  • You set the agenda, use a session for training on specialist topics, hands-on advice on how your solution can be deployed (on premises or cloud), to start the build of your new database from scratch.

  • Bring your own device and come to our office, or we can come on site to work with you at your offices.

  • You set the pace, tell us what you are looking to get out of a session, we’ll try our utmost to oblige.

No Trainers !

All of our FileMaker mentoring comes from Certified FileMaker Developers that have a diverse experiences in developing solutions for a range of industry sectors - no ’trainers’ with nominal experience in producing working solutions for real-world problems.

Our senior developers have passed FileMaker's Certification process for FileMaker 17. We also have developers certified in FileMaker versions 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7 !

No Trainers - Only Certified Consultants