The FileMaker Platform is simply a powerful software toolbox for creating cross-platform custom apps that can work seamlessly across iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and the web.

Still one of the fastest ways to build your perfect custom App, the FileMaker platform can drive your organisation’s productivity in a shorter time than nearly any other platform on the market.

DataTherapy build custom apps and database solutions using FileMaker because nothing offers the same scope for quickly implementing a ‘low code’ solution which can potentially be used to kickstart and enhance your organisation’s efficiency.

FileMaker Platform Generic Image.png

DataTherapy’s FileMaker solutions are ideal for SMEs looking to deploy custom apps across a workgroup on premises or via the cloud.  DataTherapy’s approach is to provide a flexible & adaptable enough solution to meeting current and future business requirements over the long-term.  The  ‘low-code’ approach of the FileMaker platform offers the freedom of a custom app which can be amended either in-house by a ‘Citizen Developer’  or in partnership with our professional certified developers.

Your custom app can be evolved organically over time in line with your business maturity & budget.

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Even for large Enterprises, for which FileMaker does not offer a sufficiently economic solution at scale, it still can be a valuable tool to prototype new business ideas and workflows quickly in order to encourage new ways of addressing business innovation.  [DataTherapy has extensive experience in developing Enterprise applications using the Platopus Platform which can integrate with FileMaker to provide best of breed ‘hybrid’ solutions to provide additional scalability & functionality]