Partnership - what it means to us

Partnership. It's a word often used around the computer industry with gusto. Some partnerships can be had by filling in a form online, some by completing a training course. To put it simply, FileMaker don't offer partnerships lightly and we don't take them lightly.

DataTherapy have been members of the FileMaker Business Alliance for more than 15 years. We have held Platinum Partner status for more than 12 years in recognition of our on-going commitment to and capability in developing quality FileMaker based solutions for business. We work with FileMaker on a regular basis and strive to communicate our experiences and share our knowledge in order to ensure that the platform and community stays healthy and vibrant.


Our FileMaker development team are all Certified Developers and regularly attend and present at the 'FileMaker Community' events based in the UK. We routinely act as teachers for the ‘FileMaker Experience Day' events run by FileMaker.

Our CEO has presented at FileMaker technical events many times, both in the UK and in the US at the annual FileMaker Developer's conference where we have had a constant presence for the past 13 years.

The relationship is important to us and we think it benefits our customers greatly through guaranteeing that our advice and expertise stays fresh and that we have a direct line to FileMaker in the rare case that a customer needs assistance which we cannot provide.

This is what we call a partnership.